Dorothy&Gary Toler 

We came fromWashington,NC and were truley blessed to find this camp had only 2sites left.we had one other motor home traveling with us,so this was perfect!Tommy,Sue,Bailey and everyone made this feel right at home.The camp grounds themselves are worth coming to see.The bath houses are very clean,and he grounds are so beautiful.Ican’t. Stress enough how helpful everyone there is.IfYou ever get up around Nashville,you owe it to our family to spend a night.Did I mention that they have a creek to fish and swim in…awesome.we hope to visit you guys again one day.thank you again so much!!!

Bob and Sheila 

Thank you again Tom and the entire Grand Ole RV Resort family for another great,but short stay.We started visiting this RV park when it was in the planning stage we were even allowed to help shovel mulch for the play area,and help when they had small problems that needed an extra hand, that is what family does.
We want to tell you all how happy we are to see all the success you have had in building this awesome park.
As all the others have stated ” you come in as strangers but leave ad family”.
On a scale of 1 to 10 you guys rate an 11

Reda Meyer 

Just want to send a hello to all of the Staff. Hope all is well and you are having a fun prosperous season. We will be back again sometime. Our stay was bitter/sweet. You all were wonderful but I lost my cat Tess. Still no word on her whereabouts, still loved and not forgotten. But you all are awesome. And we also want to say Hi to our personal chauffeur Lavern, we had a great time. Please if you see a tiger kitty looking for love or food, feed her.or any cat in the memory of my Tess. There is still a reward for her return. love and prayers to all of you , and all who check out this campground this season. Loving lasting memories will make you return to this campground.

Jeff & Marie Hagan 

We arrived in Goodlettsville after traveling for 19 days from Nevada and didn’t know a soul until we walked through the front doors of our new home away from home. We were welcomed with open arms and friendly smiles. Tom and Sue and the rest of the family and amazing crew were all so helpful and nice that we ended up staying 6 months. The RV Park, with all of the full timers and overnighters, is an absolutely wonderful place to be. Amazing entertainment with Sunshine and Moon every saturday night. They encourange anyone who wants to sing or play an instrument to join in a song or two, They always have a child or two sing a song, which is just beautiful. So much talent it was just a blessing to be part of this family. During our stay we had family members come stay with us and Tom and the crew just made them feel like part of their family. Mom and Dad enjoyed everyone so much that even though they dont have an RV they still plan on stopping here with the hopes that the cabins will be ready to rent for them to be able to stay overnight and see everyone. My husband and I are now in Florida at a really nice RV Park but it sure doesnt have the “Grand” feel nor does it have the “Tom” appeal. We miss you all and will be back!! Love you Guys!!!!


We’re on the road again,had another great stay and visit Tommy and Sue.This was our 3rd stay and we now have reservations for this fall.This family owned and operated resort is a nice location to spend a night or maybe a month or so. A great place to enjoy a “taste” of Nashville every Saturday night with Sunshine and Moon. We arrived as strangers and left as friends.

Scott@Patti Stevenson 

We enjoy our vist and our stay you have a very nice campground everyone was very nice .the music on sat with the Shine shine Corley keep in touch.

Reda Meyer 

When we first pulled into this campground we already had a attitude, because it was 14 mi. from downtown Nashville. T hen we get parked in our lot, my husband is trying to get the dogs set up to go outside. the wind catches the door and our cat sees a opportunity and escapes. Now 2 downers. Cat gone and to far from town. 3rd downer called 2 taxi services to go to town to just unwind they never showed. so we had to stay the night in the camp ground. WELL GUESS WHAT? They had and awesome band who played good old country, we listened for a while, but the loss of our cat distracted us from all of it. We were only going to stay a nite. but when we lost our cat we have stayed 3 more hoping to get her back. In the mean time we found out that this campground isn’t just camping. It’s about you come in as guest and leave as family. And that’s exactly how we feel. Awesome people. I don’t want to leave till I have my cat. But the RV resort has assured me they will continue to help me get her back after we leave. Plus we still wanted to go downtown and they Personally arranged us a ride to do so. I wanted to finish my entry but some how made a mistake. I f my story went through. I want to say this place is awesome. and we would stay here again. And could live here also.

Ray C 

Sue, We had so much fun in Nashville after we got settled in out at your place. Im amazed at how much the campground has changed. Tommy, you have done an amazing renovation and added just the right improvements. We will be back in a few weeks. Keep up the good work.
Ray C, Louisville, Ky


I have to say tommy and his family have really turn this rv park into the most friendly place I’ve ever been. They make me feel like family. Tommys always there making improvements and is always asking everyone “everything good” if you have a problem he will do his best to help. Thank you tommy and your family. Oh yea, try the world famous jimmy dog. Its awesome.

Larry C 

Sue and Tommy! The Old Country Store and porch are a real winner. This summer, is really going to be fun, just sitting on the porch, and listing to good old country music. That will be just fine. My wife and I love your new campgrounds.