good morning tommy,
just wanted to say thanks again for
your help and those of your c/g hosts.
your c/g will be on our list for places to
stay on our way out and back.

its easy to laugh at the situation on the
way west now, but it speaks volumes on how
campers will look out for and help each other.
only r/v campers can understand the bond each have for the other; especially in the time of need.
tommy, you luck has run out; as you will see
much more of rj and kr.
your friend rj. and kr.
im don’t know how to put this on facebook; but if you can put it there, you certainly have my permission.

Mike & Sandy Sivula 

Stopped on our way from Florida to Minneapolis Minnesota. Perfect spot for over night stop or doing couple days in Nashvill.
clean park.the trains did not make that much noise. The down side is no cable TV and no pool. Price is the same as parks with pool and cable. We go this way at least 4 times a year. If timing is right we will stop.

kermit endy 

I was gonna go down and say bye , but I said with my hectic schedule I gotta go I’m already runin late and I said I might be back later on tonight !
Thank you for Makin my short stay a real pleasant one ! Met and made new friends here at my brief stop at the
Grand Ole RV resort ! Anytime I’m headed this way I will be sure to stop and say hello !thank you again. Love the staff , they are so friendly and just good to be around in just striking up a conversation.
See you soon

Greg & Melinda Sowder 

Our first visit to this campground. It was quite convenient to I65 yet did not hear the noise we do at some interstate campgrounds. I personally loved the train that passed thru behind the grounds. Did not ‘keep you up’ and trains are slowly becoming obsolete.
The area had alot of LARGE gravel which made walking for my dog a little hard in areas. But you also had plenty of grass areas for her and that is so appreciated!

Not sure we’ll be back to Nashville…but you would certainly be a spot to stay!

Rod & Vickie 

Such friendly people here. We enjoyed our stay and if we returned to the area, would stay here again. Keep up the good work & improvements and this place won’t be beat by any other around. Randy, Tommy,and staff, thank you so much for always having a smile.

Till we meet again.

Reda Meyer 

We returned back to Grand Ole RV, just had a nice quiet relaxing time. Had our warm welcome
And enjoyed our time here. Love camping here. And it’s always nice to see work in progress. A lot of changes since last year. Your hard work shows. Keep up the good work. Always expressed make this place a stop on your travels through the Nashville area. Good Hospitality. People, and it’s open all year!. Tommy, keep up the good work but remember to stop and Smell some Rose’s to. Love ya all. Tom, Sue, Our Jimmy Dog ? Laverne, and everyone else that were bad at names with.

Ron & Barb Krane 

We enjoyed our stay. The site was easy to pull through. The staff was very friendly. The lodge was clean and had what is needed.

Dana and Gary McBurney 

What a delight! We were treated like family. The campground was full but the owner and staff made room for us anyway with hospitality in abundance! They even provided entertainment. Loved it! Can’t wait to come back!

Richard and Pam Tennant 

thanks guys for a great place to run away from the snow and cold in Canada. After a month in your resort we are preparing to leave to go home to Ontario. Wanted to let you know that your hospitality was welcome, your resort was comfortable and spacious. Just wish I would be here to see all the flowers bloom. Thanks for making our stay as comfortable as it was. Home away from Home
See ya next year


It was a miracle!!! and you are welcome!. We look forward to having you guys again…